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Friendly Personal Help with Relocations

Friendly Personal Help with Relocations

Leading Edge Properties is a member of a network of Independently owned Real Estate offices across the United States who provide local personalized service to those who are relocating their residence. Call us first when considering relocating to another part of the United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, or any U.S. protectorate.

Because these local independently owned Real Estate offices have Brokers and Agents who have lived in their communities for a long time, they help you quickly and with a deep understanding of neighborhoods, school districts, local laws and taxes, historical trends in prices, and virtually anything you need to know about your new destination community.

If you are just exploring for a destination, these same Brokers and Agents will still be helpful to you in understanding what you need to know.  They are locals.  They are friendly. They care.

Call, Text, or email Paul Claeyssens (707) 303-5165 or JoAnn (707) 303-5166 to be put in touch with someone you will enjoy discussing your destination home with.

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