Are You Finally Able to Sell or Refinance?

Do you finally have enough equity in your home to be able to sell? Do you want to move to where there are more and better jobs?  Do you want to move to where there are better schools for your children?  Do you want to move on to another home or another location, or just sell and get on with your life?  Statistics are showing that over a million California homeowners are experiencing enough appreciation in their homes to  sell and pay off the balance of their home loan.  Call me now and we can find out together. (707) 303-5165 Paul Claeyssens, Broker-Owner for Leading Edge Properties

You do not need to have enough equity in your home to be able to sell.  If you are in trouble with your home loan, you may be able to do a short sale and be relieved of all obligations to your lender. NEW RULES ALLOW YOU TO BUY AGAIN JUST ONE YEAR AFTER A SHORT SALE!   DO NOT LET YOUR HOME GO TO FORECLOSURE.  YOU HAVE BETTER OPTIONS. Get some emotional and financial relief.  Call me now to see how.

If you are in trouble with your home loan, you may be able to modify your existing loan with a lower interest rate and have your payments brought up to date.  If this does not work, it may be best to do a short sale.

Call me and I can help you decide if you have enough equity to sell, or if you should try to modify your loan or try to do a short sale if you are in trouble with your loan. DO THIS NOW. DO NOT WAIT OR YOU MAY HAVE FEWER OPTIONS. if you are not in trouble with your loan, you may still be able to refinance using the special loan programs being offered to help homeowners with small equity, no equity, or even small negative equity. DO NOT CALL THE LENDER FIRST, BECAUSE THERE ARE GUIDELINES YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT.  CALL ME.

If these loan modifications do not work for you, or if you really want to sell to make a move, I can show you how, no matter how much equity you have or do not have in your property.  I can show you how much money you may realize from a sale.  I can show you how to do a short sale if you have negative equity.  Now, you can buy again after JUST ONE YEAR per the new rules.  Get out from under your huge mortgage and tax payments for a year and come back into the market fresh with repaired credit.  DO NOT LET YOUR HOME GO TO FORECLOSURE! YOU HAVE MUCH BETTER OPTIONS.  Call me now for details and a consultation.

Here is a graph of the increased home prices in 2013, showing that even foreclosures are getting higher prices.